Adorable BOW nail art how to!!

Here is a quick and cute beauty DIY to brighten up your nails
- paint a solid colour base coat twice & let dry
You can do any colour you like as long as its contrasting to the bow colour.
- paint a dot for center of the bow
- lightly paint 2 lines coming out from center to form edge of bow
- paint inside those 2 lines to make a filled in triangle
- once dry you can get your base coat colour and with a pin head or needle, draw some little lines coming out from center circle to make it look like the folds you would see on a bow
- once dry apply a clear top coat

All finished!!! super cute right?

China Glaze Pink Plumeria Nail Polish
OPI - Alpine Snow Nail Polish
Both available from here

Trying to take a photo with the puppy not getting in the background is harder than you would think, at least she has stopped chewing my toes for 5 minutes haha

TIP - you can use an old plastic bottle lid to drop some nail drops on for easy clean up when using a nail art design tip or pin head/needle

I painted my other hand the bow pink colour and painted some white spots on randomly, my daughter said these nails should be called "The Dance" for the bow-ties on one hand and spotted pretty dresses on the other, I quite liked that lol 

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  1. Kamal Singhani1 May 2013 at 10:36

    It came out really well! And I think "The Dance" is a very cute name for the design :)

  2. This is genius Brooke! :) They turned out nicely! Good job miss!

  3. OMG! So adorable. I want to try it this weekend. I hope my bows are as dainty as yours.

  4. lol I am sure yours will be, I was worried at first they looked like butterflies so I made the outer bow thicker :)

  5. thanks babe, I am thinking I will get the kids to name all my creations haha