DIY Pretty Candy Cane Christmas cupcakes

On the weekend I made some cupcakes for a friends Christmas dinner, I think they turned out really cute considering they were last minute cakes :) I wanted the cakes to be happy and bright like the Australian summer but still Christmas'ie, no one wants to eat a snowman cupcake when its 40 degrees ;) lol
 How to make Candy Cupcakes

- vanilla cake mix
- frosting
- food colouring
- candy canes

- mix your cupcakes to the instructions (or use your favourite recipe and make from scratch)
- divide mixture in 2 bowls and  add food colouring so you can create the 2 tone cakes
- cook per instructions
- if you do not have any pre-made frosting then an easy butter frosting is the best to use. Add desired food colouring to frosting to match your candy canes and place on cooled cupcakes.
- place some candy canes in a plastic bag and with a rolling pin, crush them to create the sprinkles for the top of the cake.
- stick a candy cane in the top and ............. just like magic..... yummy xmas cupcakes for everyone to enjoy!

I used pink butternut candy canes and blue blueberry ones but next time I will use the normal peppermint ones and see how they taste :) I brought these ones just from my local supermarket