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Who is watching the Heartbreak High TV series on Netflix and wants to recreate every makeup and hairstyle immediately?  If you're as obsessed as we are, you've probably noticed Amerie's cool lace-up weaved string hairstyle in Season 2, E5. It's giving us major vibes with its corset-inspired look, perfect for making a statement at any event.

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to achieve this trendy hairstyle with easy, step-by-step DIY instructions. This affordable look is perfect whether you're heading to a dance, hitting the club, dressing up for Halloween, or just wanting to rock a unique style. Get ready to turn heads with this stylish corset lace-up hairstyle!

Why We Love This Corset Lace-Up Hairstyle from Heartbreak High

This lace-up crossover hairstyle is not only trendy but also versatile. It’s perfect for a variety of occasions, from casual outings to more formal events. Plus, it’s a great way to showcase your creativity and style. Plus you can mix it up to suit your style, using different colour cords, and thicknesses and weaving in your hair creating different patterns or designs.

What You'll Need to DIY Amerie's Corset Hair - Under $10

  • Yarn/Ribbon/Cord/String (3x the length you need, or more if close gaps) $2 - $5
  • Plastic sewing needle (large kids’ craft needle) $1
  • Hair tie
  • Bobby pins (matching your hair colour)
  • Hairspray or styling powder
  • Styling brush or comb


Method 1 Instructions: For Normal Length Hair (Easy & Fast)

This is the same string pattern featured in Heartbreak High. You can make the gaps as small or large as you like. Amerie's hair has approx 1cm spaces
  1. Spray some hairspray or styling powder in your hair so it isn’t too soft.
  2. Pull your hair into a tight ponytail.
  3. Tie your string/yarn to the end of a bobby pin.
  4. Slide the bobby pin into your hair near the hairline, hiding it.
  5. Thread the string into a large plastic needle.
  6. Insert the needle on the opposite side of your hairline, looping it under the hair like sewing.
  7. Cross back over to the other side and sew again.
  8. Continue this crisscross pattern toward the ponytail.
  9. Once at the end, sew into the ponytail and cut off the excess string.
  10. Style your hair into a bun. If your hair is too soft, use bobby pins to secure it.
Tip: If your hair tends to be very smooth or slippery, consider using a texturizing spray or a light dusting of styling powder before you start. This will help the string stay in place better and prevent it from sliding around.

Method 2: For Shorter Hair or Mullets (Intermediate & Fast)

  1. Apply hairspray or styling powder to control short pieces.
  2. Braid one side of your head, ending where the ponytail will be.
  3. Pull your hair into a ponytail.
  4. Slide a bobby pin into the top back section of your braid.
  5. Thread the string into a large plastic needle.
  6. Loop the needle under the hair on the opposite side of the braid.
  7. Cross back over to the other side, sewing under the hair again.
  8. Follow the braid pattern toward the ponytail.
  9. Sew into the ponytail and cut off excess string.
  10. Style your hair into a bun.
Tip: When braiding the side of your head, make sure to braid tightly and close to the scalp. This will give you a more secure base for weaving the string and ensure the style stays in place throughout the day.

Method 3: Corset Style (Intermediate)

  1. Apply hairspray or styling powder.
  2. Separate two small sections of hair at the front/side and braid them.
  3. Pull your hair into a tight ponytail, including the braids.
  4. Thread the string into a large plastic needle.
  5. Insert the needle through one braid and then across to the other braid.
  6. Use a second needle for the hanging piece and repeat the crisscross pattern, like tying a shoelace.
  7. Continue toward the ponytail, keeping spaces even.
  8. Sew into the ponytail and cut off excess string.
  9. Style your hair into a bun.
Tip: For a sleek look, keep spaces between crossovers even and secure each point with bobby pins if needed.

Where You Could Rock This Look

  • School Dances/Discos: Stand out on the dance floor with this unique and trendy hairstyle.
  • Clubbing: Perfect for a night out, adding a touch of edgy glam to your outfit.
  • Parties: Be the center of attention at any party with this fun and eye-catching style.
  • Festivals: Great for festival season, adding a creative and playful vibe to your look.
  • Weddings: This could be a stunning choice for a modern, unconventional bride or bridesmaid.
  • Cosplay/Costume Parties: Ideal for a themed event, especially as a modern-day Bride of Frankenstein with the style on both sides.
  • Photoshoots: Perfect for capturing a bold and stylish look in your photos.
  • Everyday Glam: When you just want to feel fabulous and make a statement in your daily life.

Q&A: All About the Lace-Up Hairstyle

Q: How long does it take to do this hairstyle? 
A: Depending on your hair length and the method you choose, it can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. The more you practice, the faster you'll get!

Q: Can I use any type of string or ribbon? 
A: Yes, you can use yarn, ribbon, cord, or string. The type and thickness depend on the look you want to achieve. For a subtle look, use thin string; for a bolder style, go for thicker ribbon or yarn.

Q: Will this hairstyle work on very short hair? 
A: Method 2 is best for shorter hair or layered cuts. If your hair is very short, consider adding hair extensions or using smaller, more discreet braids and ties.

Q: How can I make sure the hairstyle stays in place all day? 
A: Using hairspray or styling powder helps add grip. Additionally, secure the style with bobby pins at each crossover point and around the bun.

Q: Is this hairstyle suitable for all hair types? 
A: Yes, it can be adapted for all hair types. For very fine or smooth hair, use extra styling products to add texture. For curly or thick hair, make sure to section and detangle properly before starting.

Q: Can I do this hairstyle on myself, or do I need help? 
A: While it’s easier with help, especially the first few times, it’s possible to do it on your own. Using a mirror to check the back of your head can be helpful.

Q: What if I don't have a plastic sewing needle? 
A: You can use a hair loop tool for ponytails as an alternative, though it might take longer and require more precision to keep the hair in place.

Q: How do I choose the right colour for the string or ribbon? 
A: The character from Heartbreak High uses white, but you can choose any colour that matches your outfit, complements your hair colour, or adds a pop of contrast.

Q: Is this hairstyle damaging to my hair? 
A: As long as you don’t pull the string too tightly and you avoid excessive tension, this hairstyle should not cause damage. Always remove it gently and use a detangler if needed.

Q: Can I add accessories to this hairstyle? 
A: Absolutely! Feel free to add small hair clips, beads, or decorative pins to personalize the look even more.

Troubleshooting Tips

String Keeps Slipping: Use more styling products for grip or try a different type of string that has more texture.
Hair is Too Thick: Section hair into smaller parts to make threading easier and more manageable.
Crossover is Uneven: Use a mirror to help guide your lines and keep them straight.

There you have it! A trendy, fun, and easy DIY lace-up hairstyle inspired by Heartbreak High. Show off your creativity and make this look your own. Happy styling!

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