12 on Trend products with SIXTIES VIBES you need to brighten up your life right now


If you were not loving the 1960's Vibes before this week, you are now! Thanks to Harry Styles's new Watermelon Sugar Video Clip. Here are my top 12 finds to bring some 60's love into your life.
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    The '60s were an era when the youth were taking the world by storm, by rebelling against their parents & the strict 50's culture. By bringing in their own style, music and lifestyle, this evolved around the world by creating a mix of different fashion styles, bright colours and prints and a generation that forever changed the world. The Sixties will forever be my favourite era I studied at Fashion School.

    Today we can take inspiration from the 60's MOD style and bring some of their bright free-loving happiness into our lives.

    What is your favourite must-have Sixties item you want to buy right now? Let me know below.

    Keep Smiling & Keep Being You!

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