How to make a No Sew Disney Vampirina Costume

My niece loves dressing up as her favourite characters, but just like my own daughters, she also loves wanting costumes that has not hit the Aussie shops yet. Ehhhh haha Her latest want's are Vampirina and Peppa Pig, this kid is obsessed!! haha

Well I wasn't going to tackle Peppa Pig, my sister can do that one for her ;) Instead I thought I would try the beloved new fun loving spooky Disney character Vampirina. If anyone has not watched this show with your little ones, do it! It is such a great show, very creative and teaches children that everyone is different and that's okay!.

Anyway back to this costume.
I was going to make a complete Vampirina inspired costume from scratch but to be honest, it's actually so basic in it's design, that it is not needed. Plus not all mum's have a sewing machine, so let's keep this design craft easy, budget friendly and just in time for Halloween.

The official Disney Vampirina costume only is made in a small kid's sizes, so this method is great for all different size children

"Vampirina" tells the story of a young vampire girl who faces the joys and trials of being the new kid in town when her family moves from Transylvania to Pennsylvania."

- Black circle aline skirt ($8 Big W)
- Pink Tshirt ($3 Best & Less)
- Black boys under singlet (pack of 3 $5 Big W)

- Ruler
- Silver 3D Puff fabric paint
I used Tulips silver glitter colour
- White sewing pencil

- Black boots
- Pink socks/leg warmers
- Headband hair, see TUTORIAL (coming this week)

- See TUTORIAL (coming this week)

VAMPIRINA Costume tutorial 
- With a ruler and a white washable sewing pencil, draw a line straight down the centre
- Find the centre from the side of skirt to the centre line and mark at the top and bottom. Draw a line diagonal from top to bottom
- Repeat on the back of skirt

- Starting at the bottom of the skirt, hand draw curve lines from one straight line to the next
- Repeat all the way around the skirt
- Work your way up the skirt evenly, each curve will be smaller as you go up

With puff paint, start tracing over your lines. I used a silver glitter colour.

The trick to getting 3d puff fabric paint even, is to work fast, steady and use the same pressure on the bottle while squeezing. This craft Tulip brand I used was easy to use and came out even. If I did squeeze too hard or make a little mistake, it doesn't matter as its a spider web design and it dries lighter because its glitter based.

Leave skirt to dry for recommended drying time before repeating on the other side and the side seam.

Repeat steps on the singlet, first your centre line and then the quarter line.
The lines should match up to the skirt lines. It will do this if you have brought a fitted singlet in the same size as the skirt.

Draw curved lines making sure they are evenly spaced again.

Hand paint again with your 3D paint and let dry. You can see mine are not perfect lines but once dried it looks fine :D

Once the paint in completely dry, you can wash, if like me you didn't stick to your white lines so it removes the pencil

And that's all there is to it to make this spiderweb faux dress inspired by Disney's own Vampirina

"Woah-oh, Vampirina
I maybe blue with pointy teeth
Woah-oh, Vampirina
But I'm not so different underneath

It's true that our taste maybe a little upbeat
But we're the battiest monsters you'll ever meet."

You will now be singing this all day! haha

This NO SEW fancy dress up is an easy way to create Vampirina, Halloween spider costumes, spider capes, traditional Horror Vampires or a spiderweb pattern on all fabrics/accessories.

I will be adding the tutorials on how to make the headband hair, necklace and the make-up tutorial over the next week, so check back to complete the look.

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Happy Making!


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