No Sew Disco Christmas tree skirt | EASY DIY

This year I decided my Christmas Tree would be DISCO DISCO DISCO!!! 

The more disco balls and metallic silver the better. Once I had finished decorating the tree (I had a huge amount of balls from my Studio 54 70's Birthday Party) I found the base was very bare and my normal Christmas skirt would not cut it. So off to the fabric shop I went.

I purchased some glittery metallic silver stiff fabric that had a backing on it, was perfect for what I needed and at $6 per metre, how could I not be happy.

Once I had the fabric at home I decided that I was not going to sew or do anything that involves more than 5 mins of my time as at this time of year with my 2 jobs and a family, I have no time for it.

1| Buy fabric to suit your tree or theme
2| Fold the fabric in half and half again, continue until its a cone-looking shape
3| With a piece of string hold your finger at the point and at the length you would like the tree skirt to mark where to cut.
4| Cut the edge of the tree skirt
5| Cut the point of the cone for a hold around the base of the tree
6| Open the fabric and cut one line from edge to the centre
7| Using a self-stick hook and eye velcro place stripes on the front and back of the line you have just cut
8| Place under the tree, load with presents and you're done!!!
Quick right?

You can add some trim around that edge by gluing or sewing, Mini pom poms, sequin stripes, ribbon or thin tinsel would look wonderful 

Check out this cute Flamingo door stopper my Husband brought me, looks great under my tree and matches my wrapping paper haha

I love our large Disco theme tree, looks fresh and shiny, I think I could have made it better but with little time what can you do 😉 


What would you like under your tree? 
Let me know below in the comments 

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