How I used Vintage Nylon to knit hairbows | CRAFT INSPO

Knitted nylon net hair bows, pink & purple

Today I was sorting out my garage and found a huge bag of this vintage Nylon crochet ribbon, basically soft net on rolls.

My nan used to use them to make the toilet roll dolls that were huge in the 1970s etc If only they were still around looking pretty on bathroom floors. I think they need a comeback.
So I decided to try to see if I could work with this net, I can not crochet very well so I knitted some hairbows instead.
Knitting -  net pink & purple hairbows

Pink hair-bow around a bun hairstyle

 At first, it was hard to get used to how stiff the nylon was to work with but once I got on a roll it became easier. I love how they turned out because they keep their shape really well and the colours are so pretty, my camera really didn't capture the beauty of the soft yet bright colour tones.

I will definitely be trying to create some new things with all the rolls I have, not sure what though, toilet Roll Dolls? 😁

I think I should start doing some crochet tutorials and getting more skilled. There are so many cool crochet projects I have seen and wish I could do, maybe one day.

Have a great weekend 💗

Do you have any vintage craft supplies you want to experiment with? 
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  1. Looks super cute, I really like!

  2. wow, how cool is that, even to get the idea to knot bows out of it, Amazing :-) I dont think I could ever do this:-)Thanks for sharing