What to say about myself... its hard but I will give it a go.

I am a mother, daughter, wife, sister,, friend and definitely a dreamer.
I like to make stuff, anything and everything that interests me.
My background is in retail and design. I studied fashion after  I left school but never pursued it as I got stuck in retail management, got married, had kids... etc etc normal story. 
After I had my youngest daughter I decided to take some time off work and look after my family. Eventually this lead me to starting my own jewellery design business with my sister which was stocked around the world. Basically working my butt off and never sleeping ever lol
My husband tells me I am skilled in lots of things but a master at dare he!! lol
While working in department stores I was trained in many things even though it was not my area (the joys of management) so if you need a bra fitter, make-up artist, shoe fitter, professional gift wrapper, how to measure a man for a suit, bullshit artist or how to fold a towel correctly then I am your woman, just don't ask me to tie a men's tie, I never could remember that haha
At the moment I am pursuing new projects, so I hope I can keep this blog interesting and creative enough to make you come back.
Not everything I post will me my own as I like to promote other talented artists around the world.

Brooke x

If you use any of my images you must link back to me!! thanks in advance :)


  1. Looking cool =) haha Love your tattoos... =) I want another now lol. =)

  2. New to blogging && loving your little side bar buttons on the left! Wondering if you'd share how you did it? If you wouldn't mind, please email us at:

    1. Thanks :) I will try to email you tomorrow with how to do it, if not tomorrow it will be in next couple of days oxo