Stuff I maybe like too much
- skulls - weird things - fashion... new and old - pin-up girls - high heel shoes - music - tattoo's - sewing - my friends - things that make be laugh - cakes.... eating them mostly - e-cards... why are they all so hilarious - DOOL's... only a soapie fan will know what this stands for  - photography - handsome yet cute guys.. ok I married but we can look - potato chips... okay this is a serious addiction, I need to stop this one!

probably 1000 more things, I will add to the list when I can be bothered lol

What could a blog called Talking Trash & Wasting Time possibly be about?

Well to be honest, I don't know.... but I do know you will find some different ideas for crafting, some cool internet finds, amazing artists that I adore, maybe some laughs, probably some swearing and most of all randomness :)

My name is from a line in the lyrics of
The Like - He's Not A Boy

much love
Brooke x

If you use any of my images you must link back to me!!

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  1. Nice =) now I know a little bit about you lol