Free Starchy Adventure Time stitch pattern

While on my internet break I have not been very busy with crafting or creating much, but I have been teaching my 8 year old how to stitch. Here is a free pattern that I made for her.

Please feel free to use my pattern for non personal use :) The design is of Starchy who is a character on Adventure Time. If you are not familiar he is a grave digger and one of his best known quotes is "Oh, oh, don't squeeze me, I'll fart!" haha so this was my attempt to do a fart in stitch ;P

Random Fact - The voice of Starchy ' Tom Kenny' is also the voice behind SpongeBob Squarepants and lots of other amazing cartoon characters :)

enjoy and stitch on!!


  1. This is amazing! Thanks for posting it! What program did you use to make it?

  2. thanks Hun,

    I didn't use a program as such, I found a blank grid online and loaded it in photoshop and did all the dots myself lol yes I am crazy but I couldn't get the programs to do what I wanted :)