Welcome to Now That's Peachy, formally known as Talking Trash & Wasting Time. This is a place for you to be creative, express yourself, find your next D.I.Y and maybe even try new projects you would not have thought of yourself.

I am proud to have created some tutorials since 2012 which surprisingly became semi-viral and influenced a lot of people to recreate their own version via their blog or Youtube.

Who am I you may ask? well I will try to keep this short

My name is Brooke & I live in the suburbs in Sydney Australia.
I am a mother of a teen princess, literally, she thinks she's a princess and a pre-teen who is the complete opposite, so you can imagine the fun times in my house. My husband and I are childhood sweethearts as everyone likes to remind me, um do I need to be reminded I have been with this man forever and getting old? haha Seriously I am a lucky lady but we won't let him know that, so shhhh :D

My background is in retail and design. I studied fashion many moons ago after I left school but never pursued it as I got stuck in the exciting life of retail management, got married, had children etc etc normal story

After my youngest daughter was born I decided to take some time off work and look after my family. Eventually, this lead to me starting a successful alternative jewellery design business with my sister and basically working my butt off and not sleeping ever! 
From an early age, my Grandmother and Father encouraged me to create things from nothing. My Nan taught me to sew and also how to cook her amazing vanilla sponge cake. My Dad is a talented artist and his art room growing up always fascinated me. He would sit with my siblings and I for hours teaching us how to draw or airbrush (which I could never succeed at) My love of art, craft and design stems from these two amazing people they have a huge influence on the way I see the world. I have tried to pass this on to my own children and hope to influence you in the same way.

Brooke x

Stuff I maybe like too much
Music | tattoos | spray paint | hoarding fabric | skulls weird things | pizza | fashion | pin-up girls | high heel shoes | music | dancing while cleaning sewing | my friends | things that make be laugh | beards | donuts | puppies | tiki's | glasses | cakes.... eating them mostly | the beach | DOOL's photography | handsome yet cute guys.. ok I married but we can look | make-uppotato chips... okay this is a serious addiction, I need to stop this one!

Things I dislike

cleaning rude people | tomato sauce | wine | getting dressed | not having enough time to conquer the world

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