Hair Dye Tutorial - dark to light shades of Red

Today I dyed my daughters hair which she has been asking me to do for a while so I finally gave in. She said I should do a tutorial for my blog to show people how you make the hair blend to a lighter shade at the bottom. I would not call this dip dyeing but I guess you could use the same technique to do a dip dye effect, but I would do more of a bleach wash for that look if it was me but it would still work.

The photos above show the final result, it was very cloudy, dark and rainy here today so it looks darker than what it actually is but you can still see the effect at the bottom of the hair.

1/ Buy your selected colour. We used to packets of L'Oreal Preference P67 Red Scarlet
Also buy some 20 vol lift/peroxide and some bleach powder (these are mostly only available from hair salon suppliers, so if you can not get this you could use a blonde kit from your local supermarket)
2/ Mix your lift and bleach. This is 2 to 1... so use a spoon and do every one spoon of bleach to 2 spoons of lift. This is a very strong mixture, do not use if you are not comfortable with using.
3/ Divide hair into sections and paint the bottom part of the hair with the bleach mixture. Do each section and rub mixture through with your fingers. If your hair is long then you would paint  about 2 inches. Let hair develop for 20 mins. 
4/ Now put more mixture above the bottom section about 1 inch and leave all mixture on for another 15-20 mins. Make sure you follow the hair cut. If your hair is cut in a layered round style like above, follow the shape so there is not a harsh straight line which will not blend with the hair style.
By doing the bottom section first and then applying the next section, the mixture develops at different stages and therefore creates the dark to light effect.
5/ Wash out and blow dry hair.
You can see that the hair colour has lifted. It is not a great colour but that doesn't matter as you will not see that when finished.
6/ Apply your packet mixes as per instructions on the packet/box. Let develop and wash out.
This red was very orange and bright when first applied, that's fine, don't panic as its just the colour developing but I must say my daughter was freaking out at this lol Never take dye out of your hair early as it would not have fully developed and the colour will not be right.
7/ And you are all done!!!! 

Final result is a beautiful shiny hair colour that fades to a brighter & lighter shade at the ends.

*Please note I am not a hairdresser, I am just using my knowledge from colouring my hair for many years and tips from my hair dresser :)