Bloglovin & Disqus

After reading all the stories and blog posts last week about Blogger's GFC going into extinction etc I have decided to use my bloglovin account more and transfer my blogger friends over there :)

Even though I don't know if GFC will actually disappear, I thought I might as well make the move now. Personally I think it will just be a new friend connection system to make people use google + more lol but we will see.

It was easier than I thought, I used this LINK and BAM!!! you are instantly following your friends over at BL.... The only problem I am finding is not all are being followed and not everyone is on there :( so maybe check a few of your favourite blogs to see if you are following them.

But I will say I am finding it easier to see everyone's new posts, a lot faster and I am enjoying it more, so that's a good thing!

I will still be using the blogger friend platform as I do like that and I can see who is following me and follow back, that's the only thing I dislike about BL is that you can not see your followers, which is sucky.

Are you on Bloglovin? 
If you are feel free to leave your BL link in the comment section below and I will follow you :)

You can follow me HERE

You can probably see I have also changed my comment section over to DISQUS, I have been thinking about doing it for a while, so I jumped in and just did it lol At the moment all my comments have been deleted but hopefully they said within 24 hours all will be fixed and all old  comments will be showing up :D *fingers crossed*

Brooke xx


  1. I now following you on bloglovin! :)

  2. thanks honey, I am following you too :D

  3. Hi Brooke! :) I'm glad you wrote about this, just before reading your blog entry I signed up for bloglovin to follow others blogs and voila! Most (like you mentioned, not all :( ) blogs I followed bloglovin has me following now :). I'm hesitant to move the blog itself to bloglovin. That's a huge step for me lol. Did anything on your blog change after importing it? At anyrate, thanks for the post miss! :D

  4. I moved to bloglovin too. It's so much easier and prettier than google reader. If love to hear how you go with disqs. I've been contemplating using it to make replying to people's comments easier.

  5. Hi Dawn :)

    My blog didn't move to bloglovin, it is still on Blogger and BL just run my feed of whatever I post here :) too easy really! If you put your blog feed on BL, then let me know the link and I will follow you.

    DISQUS did take longer than the 24 hours to show my older comments but
    all good now, from what I can see they are all there.


  6. Awe hey thanks Brooke! Someday I'll figure out all this blog techie stuff lol :) Luckily I have blogger buddies like you who are gracious enough to clue me in on some of theses things ^-^

    Here is my bloglovin link: thanks woman! :D

  7. no worries dawn, I am following you :)