Shoe addiction? me? never....

Shoes.. heels.. pumps.. flats.. boots.. ADDICTION!!!

 These are my favourite pair of heels!!!

I have had them for a few years now and they still make me as happy as the day I got them. My husband brought them for me for christmas and still to this day I am amazed he spent this much money on shoes for me when he is always complaining I have to many haha

Shoes are an addiction, I do not care what any mother fucker says, it is!! It is hard to stop and even when you don't have any place at all to wear all your hot sexy shoes to, you still need more and more and more...

These perfect studded heals are from Siren, they are my favourite brand for heels and always fit me perfectly.

At the moment there is some amazing  DOMINATE   ankle boots I would love, for some reason they look like they have bullets all around the front of them , thats pretty fucking cool!

My conclusion is  Shoe addiction is real and we should all embrace it

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  1. OHHH DAMN!!!! Me wants it... gosh I wish I could get them here!! They are stunning.. Whats your tattoo? =) Ohhh what do they cost? =)

  2. Ok I am SO BLIND by the shoes that I missed you wrote down where they were from lol haha... =) I am also very shoe addict. =)

    1. haha that's okay, shoes are what makes us get to the shop to see what's new and in fashion lol I think they where about $150 I can't remember exactly as it was a while ago, I think I was just stunned my husband brought them lol

      My tattoos on my feet are some drawings by Mitch O'connell of a cat and a dog, the ink wont hold in my feet so I ended up not getting them coloured after a few sitting of getting the black redone lol feet are painful

      Here is a pic of them