Marble Nail art - Internet vs Reality

Now if this isn't a fucking fail then I don't know what is!!!  haha

First try I thought "okay maybe I need practice to master this" but by the 12th time I decided to end the torture and just give up as I was sick of cleaning my fingers after every attempt.

I know this Marble effect is possible to do because so many people have mastered this technique and are walking around with pretty marblie nails.... maybe I need to try a different and easier nail art look.

You can find lots of tutorials on Youtube on how to do this but the end result does not look like mine ;)

*The top photo I found on I heart it, if it is your photo please let me know so I can credit you


  1. Cool nails. =) I cant have long nails as i point my own eyes out lol... and scratching my kids and pets and and my toyboy for husband haha.

    But they sure look pretty. =) Have a good day. Hugs.

    1. hahaha have you seen those really pointy nails? how the hell does anyone do anything with them? no way they are having contact with anyone else, let alone themselves ROFL

      thanks for visiting Jess, you have a funny blog!
      hope you have a nice day too, almost bedtime here x

  2. Thanks for coming by =) haha. And ye the Sprinter lady many years ago who had so long nails that she had to use her knuckles to do things... mental. haha.